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via Revere 16
Milano - (MI)
Phone:  +39 800174262
Hotel 39 rooms with bar - Auction - Ref. 1654-PT461
0 m²    |    Auction Base € 475.500
Montecatini-Terme (Pistoia) Locality: Montecatini-Terme - via Verdi 5

ALBERGHI A1 - EP gl nren - EP gl ren kWh/m3 yearly - Epi - Epe - En. output almost Zero
Commercial for Sale 0
----- Autonomous Street parking
44 39 42

Property for hotel use at auction located in the center of Montecatini Terme (PT) in via Verdi n. 5. The building is of historical-architectural value and was presumably built in the mid-1800s. The portion of the building used as a hotel consists of three floors above ground, plus bureau and bar on the ground floor and attic rooms on the fourth floor for a total of 39 rooms, 23 of which have bathrooms. There is also an underground service room for autoclave.

Montecatini-Terme (PT)
City: Pistoia
Town: Montecatini-Terme
Locality: Montecatini-Terme
Zip: 51016