How we operate

In auctions, properties are bought at prices considerably lower than the market prices but, in order to participate with awareness, it is necessary to carry out the following activities which can only be entrusted to expert lawyers in executive and bankruptcy competitive procedures. Here are just some of the activities we will take care of in the interest of our client:

First phase (exploratory)

Inspection booking

Dossier with photos, floor plan and appraisal

Legal advice

Search and selection of similar auctions


Second phase (auction details)

Check property

ownership status Real estate release fee

Quantification of condominium arrears

Check erasable transcripts

Highlighting non-erasable transcripts

Transcription cancellation cost estimate

Check for urban planning irregularities that can be remedied

Check for unremediable urban planning irregularities

Quantification of irregularity amnesty costs

Motion transfer mode analysis

Timing forecast (price balance, property release and transfer decree)

Estimate additional costs (taxes, transfer, cancellations)

Real estate value analysis from appraisal

Identification of the market value of the property

Identification of probable allotment price

Analysis of any further critical issues


Third phase (financial support)

Mortgage pre-feasibility request

Interface with Bank for information and documentary support


Fourth phase (Auction)

Online bid filing via ministerial portal

Auction participation on behalf of the client


Fifth phase (post award)

Price balance management (also through a mortgage)

Issue of transfer decree

Transcript of transfer decree

Verify transfer decree taxation

Property release phase update

Cancellation of prejudicial transcripts and entries

Request for the purchase of furniture and furnishings

Application for disposal of furniture and furnishings application for a reduction in the expense fund

Expense fund surplus reimbursement

Application for application of cadastral value taxes

Application for obtaining tax breaks

Application for advance transfer of possession

Price installment request Immovable delivery


But the added value of consists of many years of experience and knowledge of the auction sector and of the main protagonists and competitors as well as, obviously, of the reference market; all guaranteed by the management of the relationship exclusively by lawyers specialized in this area.