The main advantage of purchasing a hotel facility at auction is the purchase price which, in most cases, can be much lower than the market value, with savings that can easily exceed 70% of the objective value indicated in the auction. expertise.

 A further advantage of buying a hotel structure at an auction consists in the possibility of not appearing at the auction site for this purpose by giving a specific mandate to a lawyer from the Co.Le.Fin staff. S.r.l. which will deposit the offer for the person to be nominated only in the event of a successful outcome.

 Furthermore, for the transfer of the hotel structure, the intervention of a Notary will not be necessary as it will be the task of the Judicial Custodian to annotate in the real estate registers the Decree of the Judge ordering the transfer of the asset; obviously, it should be remembered that during the public auction, the single bidder will be able to continue to take advantage of the tax benefits reserved for him by the sector legislation in addition to the fact that the costs for the cancellation of all the transcripts of foreclosures and mortgage registrations are borne by the competitive procedure and therefore do not fall on the buyer.

 Last but certainly not least, the greatest advantage of buying a hotel facility at auction is the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan from banks affiliated with individual courts for an amount equal to 80% of the value of the property. property, taking advantage of bank investigations and related resolutions compatible with the tight deadlines (60-90 days) for the payment of the balance following the award. On this aspect it is important to underline that Co.Le.Fin. S.r.l. has always worked in synergy with banking institutions for which it will be happy to make its "know-how" on the subject available to customers (individuals and businesses).