About us

AsteAlberghi.it is a division of Co.Le.Fin. S.r.l. which, since 2007, has been operating in the sector of judicial and bankruptcy real estate auctions and intends to intercept, in the vast panorama of public sales, the best opportunities to purchase accommodation facilities (Hotels, Villages, Residences) at considerably lower prices than those of market. In particular, Co.Le.Fin. S.r.l. monitors, evaluates and selects the best auctions of hotel structures and then submits them to the scrutiny of in-house professionals who, according to their specific skills, carry out all the technical checks in order to be able to provide the single competitive procedure with the "Verified Auction" seal.

The corporate organization chart is, in fact, characterized by the presence of Lawyers specialized in real estate expropriation procedures and who participate in auctions in the name and on behalf of our clients, by Architects who verify the urban planning and authorization aspects of the accommodation facilities, by Business Consultants who estimate the profitability of the investment and, lastly, credit brokers who, in concert with partner banking institutions, financially plan the real estate transaction.

Our goal is to accompany our customers throughout the process of acquiring the asset at auction (inspection, due diligence, financial support, participation in the auction, interaction with Judges, Delegates and Registries, transfer of ownership), ensuring maximum professionalism in managing the relationship trustee also taking into account that - per Studio policy - we only follow one customer per single auction.