Finance the investment

Astealberghi also supports its customers in the phase of finding financial resources to deal with serenity investments which, in the hotel sector, require utmost seriousness especially in the phase of presentation of the industrial and commercial plan to our banking partners so that they decide to borrow the operation real estate.

In particular, it should be noted that financial support, in real estate transactions in the hotel sector and in the context of public competitive procedures, appears to be facilitated precisely because various banks (some of which under agreements with Astealberghi) have stipulated protocols of agreed with most of the Italian Courts which provide for the possibility of disbursing, in favor of the contractors, special purpose loans at subsidized rates directly to the expropriation procedure which allows the mortgage registration after cancellation of the prejudicial transcripts.

Furthermore, thanks to the privileged channels of Astealberghi, it is possible to obtain pre-resolutions of targeted loans from some affiliated banks which allow our customers to participate with serenity in the selected auctions or to participate in auctions of higher value.

It should be noted here that, since the affiliated banks grant loans up to 80% of the appraisal value filed in deeds and since the average allotment price of hotel auctions is equal to 30-40% of the appraisal value, the loan under the agreement, it would cover 100% of the real estate investment.